AKA the baikal oilfish

They r endemic to Lake Baikal in Russia, the deepest lake in the entire world at 1,642 meters deep. Similar to deep sea creatures, oilfish have coneless eyes that are sensitive to light

can reach up to 21 cm, with a transluscent scaleless body! They have no pelvic fins and no swim bladder, which allows them to move between extreme depths freely.

oilfish are viviparous (don't lay eggs), and make up the largest population of fish in Lake Baikal.

  • really awesome comephorus model made by batworker on deviantart!!
  • Feed on amphipods and copepods using their wide mouths and brush-like teeth

    More than a third of an oilfishes body weight is oil, dissolving to nothing but oil and porous bones when heated in a pan!! Not good eating unless you're a baikal seal :)